• Kinto 2 cup pourover brewer

Kinto 2 cup pourover brewer

Our 2 cup brewer is perfect for coffee for one, you can easily brew between 200 to 300ml of coffee. Enough to savour when contemplating life and enjoying a little 'me' time, or simply taking 5 between tasks. You will need the Kinto 2 cup papers with this brewer, or you can use the Hario 2 cup papers.
This drip brewer or pourover is simply one of the best ways to make coffee. More World brewer's cup champions have used Pour-over brewers than any other brewer. The plastic material is both cost effective and functional. Plastic does not absorb heat, so all the heat from your water is applied to the coffee rather than transferred to heating the brewer. This results in a more stable brew water temperature throughout the brew.