Our story

The first time you have a really good coffee can be a bit of a curse. With one sip, your expectations are radically transformed. All other coffee is ruined for you. Coffee shops that used to prop up every corner of every city block soon reveal themselves to be mere pretenders: the blind serving the blind. Purveyors of limp and burnt and watery coffee.
With one sip, your coffee options dwindle to a precious few: a mere handful of skilled baristas capable of meeting your newly enlightened needs. Yours is a wretched plight, indeed. For those who inhabit this lonely world, we welcome you to our humble little corner of the web: a place where real coffee lovers can gather around and share and console and learn from each other.

Taylor St was founded in London back in 2006 by Aussie siblings Nick, Andrew & Laura Tolley during a bleak London winter.
At the time, the specialty coffee sector in the UK was still in its very infancy: only a few people had been exposed to the joys of quality coffee. And for those that had, there were paltry cafe options capable of meeting their uniquely enlightened needs.

Thankfully, the world of specialty coffee has come a long way since those heady, early days - with more and more people daily discovering (and demanding!) better quality coffee.



Well, we think it's because every cup of Taylor St coffee is prepared by highly qualified baristas - the heart and soul of our business. In our view, the barista is the most important thing standing between you and a good coffee. Like a chef, the barista’s knowledge, skills and techniques critically affect the quality of the product he’s preparing.

For this reason, our baristas are exhaustively and relentlessly trained. It’s our way of ensuring consistently, unambiguously high standards across all our sites - from London to New York. More importantly, it means that whenever you pop into a Taylor St site, you can rest assured you’re going to get a truly good cup of coffee.
In 2015 we launched our roastery, we are now supplying some of England's loveliest boutique cafes, and restaurants and we also have our webshop and coffee subscription services set up, to let more people enjoy our coffee at their leisure.

For our beans, we scour the globe, sourcing some of the world's finest coffees from farmers we trust. Last year alone, we sourced coffees from some 30 origins - more than any other specialty roaster (we know of!) in the UK - ensuring an evolving menu of quality, seasonal coffees throughout the year.

For our baristas, we boast a world class training academy honed by years of Barista Championship judging and cafe operations. Uniquely, Taylor St has trained over 1,000 baristas - including many baristas who've grown into exciting roles throughout the industry and around the world. Few can match Taylor St as a training ground for a career in specialty coffee.

Excitingly, Taylor St is now an exclusive global partner for Sodexo, bringing this extensive industry experience and credentials to the world of food services.

Oh, and the name? Well, Taylor Street is a place in Sydney where Nick, Andrew & Laura lived and shared some wonderful times together: a name packed with very happy
memories, indeed.