Our coffee

Coffee seeds come from a fruit that ripens slowly at altitude under the equatorial sun.
All the characteristics that we know and love about a coffee are develop through the soil in which it is grown, the variety of the tree, the season in which it ripened and the expertise of the team of people who nurtured, picked, and processed it.

At Taylor St we seek out expertly grown and processed coffee and develop their natural flavours in our Loring S35 roaster.

Hundreds of times each year we assess the physical qualities of raw green coffee, we roast samples and then we 'cup' or taste these samples according to strict protocols from the Specialty Coffee Association. The flavours and qualities we find in a coffee determine whether we will buy or reject it. To buy the coffee, it needs to score over 84 points on the SCA scoresheet, and we need to love the coffee.

Each coffee we buy is placed into one of 4 categories that help us create a roasting profile and find the right home for these exceptional coffees. The categories are Classic, Golden, Wild and Select and they help you choose a coffee you will like, when you are unsure whether a high altitude washed processed Yirgacheffe coffee is going to taste more floral, or more chocolatey. Just count on Taylor St Coffee to source, roast and offer the best coffees in a range of styles for you to enjoy.



Our Classic profile has single origin coffees from countries like Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala or Costa Rica. We find coffees that have chocolate flavours, and nut like flavours, and less of the fruity or floral characters found in other high quality coffees. These are classic coffees that go well with milk, and will help you face the day.


Our Golden profile has single origin coffees from countries like Colombia, Rwanda, Burundi, Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Myanmar. These coffees have some of the classic chocolatey flavour notes, but are also a little more fruity, and sweet with flavours like citrus, red berries, caramel and fudge. We always enjoy these through any of the slow coffee brewing methods from drip filter to aeropress or cafetiere.


Our Wild profile has single origin coffees from countries like Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, but also anywhere producing 'natural' processed coffees where the fruit is dried on the seed. This process imparts more fruit flavours into the coffee, meaning it tastes very different to coffee in the classic sense. The Wild profile is for coffees that don't really taste like coffee, they are a gateway coffee into the world of specialty coffee and have broadened many people's perceptions of how diverse and incredible coffee can be.



Our Select profile has single origin coffees from any of the 30 or so countries producing outstanding specialty grade coffees. All our coffees have a story and are grown and produced in remarkable ways, but to make the cut and get into the Select category, there has to be another element, something rare, like a variety or process, something outstanding that gives it a higher score. Select coffees are the best expression of specialty coffee - a celebration of the work that a complex chain of people working together to create an amazing cup of coffee can achieve.