Careers in coffee are as limited as your imagination. The first thing to realise is that coffee is a big industry. Our ten cafés do not even register as a drip in the ocean in the world of coffee. But we are a big player in the small world of speciality coffee. And we plan to continue growing having just added our own roastery, opened a new café in New York and are planning more cafés in London.
We’ve been part of London’s dynamic coffee scene since 2006 and are progressive in our approach to what we do. Our focus is on quality and learning and our ethos is to always do things better in whichever product we are offering- from our chocolate chip cookie to juicy drip filter coffees, to our seared tuna and buckwheat salad. We like a challenge, and we like to develop. Our baristas regularly take part in barista and coffee competitions and we strive to serve that same excellent standard every day in everything we do. 
We have a big customer following, so you can expect to be kept busy and buzzing. And our business is growing – which means plenty of opportunity for you to learn, develop and take advantage of promotional opportunities.
There are perks to working at Taylor St you won’t find elsewhere in London. You get free lunch, tons of development opportunities and competitive pay rates that increase as you develop your skills. Obviously you also get as much coffee and tea as you can drink. 
We know there’s more to life than work too - that’s why when you join Taylor St London, you’ll get your pick of our amazing company perks. That includes phone insurance, Tastecards, and great price cinema tickets, plus loads more. Find out more about all our employee rewards here: We know these things all contribute to a better lifestyle in London. 
The really special element to working at Taylor St though, is the people - highly experienced, professional, talented and diverse. You will learn from them and get to work with them in multiple settings allowing you to broaden your experience as if you were working for numerous different cafes. Not to mention the great parties and trips away together. Yep, that's how much we love spending time together. 

In 2016 our Head of People, delivered a talk at the European Barista Camp in Estonia, focusing on how to navigate your coffee career. If you'd like some pearls of wisdom, a different perspective, or simply want to hear the types of conversations we have within the specialty coffee community, this should be a worthy watch.


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We welcome applications from people who share our enthusiasm for coffee, for food, for customers and the hospitality industry. 
We look forward to hearing from you!