A timeless favourite

A cafetiere or french press brew is richly textured due to the little fine coffee particles that slip through the mesh filter. It has a timeless simplicity and is Britain’s favourite brew method. It only takes 4 minutes to brew during which time you can start your paper, stroke the cat or knock off the dishes.

Step 1

Bring enough water to fill the French press to a boil. They generally come in 250ml (requires 15g of coffee), 500ml (30g) or 750ml (45g). That’s a 60g/litre ratio.

Step 2

Put the cafetiere on the tared scales, add the correct dose, tare again & pour the ‘just off the boil’ water onto the coffee vigourously.

Step 3

Position the plunger lid on top of the cafetiere without plunging to keep the heat in.

Step 4

Let it steep for 4 minutes. Lift the lid gently from the top of the grounds. Now scrape off the layer of grinds at the top with a dessert spoon.

Step 5

Return the plunger onto the cafetiere and press down.
TIP: If it’s hard to press, your grind is too fine.

Step 6

Decant to prevent over extracting and enjoy.


Cafetiere / French Press



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