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Tucked down an alley in the heart of the City, our Bank cafe is a big little gem. 

Upon entering, you're struck with a decision to make: do I join the dedicated queue for take-away coffees, or do I turn right and wait to be seated in one of the cafe's 40-odd covers? 

Either way, you're bound to be bowled over by a cracking cuppa coffee (or some of London's finest loose leaf teas) and tempted by a fine range of cakes and patisserie and a seasonal selection of sandwiches, salads and soups. And all of this, in a surrounding that was hand-crafted by our very own Nathan Bell: a barista with Taylor St from way back who also happens to be very handy with a hammer and saw.

Our Bank cafe also boasts a filter coffee stand featuring three freshly brewed batches of Taylor St's Classic-Delicate-Wild range of coffees.  So if you fancy a bit of an adventure, try a flight of filters and discover the breadth of flavours that can be extracted from the humble coffee bean.

I'm afraid we don't accept reservations here, but there's usually plenty of space - so don't hesitate to pop-in and our team will do their best to find you a suitable spot for you and your private banker/headhunter/client/boss/mum.

Opening hours

7am - 5.30pm



125 Old Broad St, London EC2N 1AR

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