• 8oz HuskeeCup & Lid (Charcoal)

8oz HuskeeCup & Lid (Charcoal)

The 8oz or 240ml Huskee cup is a standard 'small' size used in most cafes. The Huskee cup is pure drinking pleasure. It is designed by industry pros who understand specialty coffee, convenience and sustainability. The cup is 50% husks, a byproduct of coffee processing that is normally a waste material. Husk is a woody fibrous parchment that protects the bean inside the coffee cherry. To keep shipping costs low, it is removed at the Dry mill, where the beans are packed into bags and loaded into containers while the husk is wasted. We love these cups because of this, but also because they remain odour free, are easy to clean and are incredibly durable.
Some reusable cups are a chore, you use them because it is the right thing to do, but it is not a pleasure to drink from and does no favours to the quality of the drink. Huskee cups are the complete opposite!
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