Get coffees from all over the world, roasted locally, delivered to your door.


Look as good as Nick with his Huskee cup, and help the environment.


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Anyone can roast coffee. But it takes a particular type of skill, and a healthy dose of experience, to roast a coffee in a way that highlights and celebrates the provenance of that bean in all its nuanced wonder.

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Laura | Head of Design

Nick | CEO

Andrew | Head of Coffee

Meet our founders

"Sodexo and Taylor St Baristas are both passionate about their people. This new partnership enables Sodexo to offer specialty grade premium coffee, made by highly skilled baristas trained by one of the most highly credentialed coffee teams in the country."


Colin, Sodexo

Integrity, inclusiveness, growth and ownership

These are the values that make us tick. Integrity, because doing the right thing is important to us, our people, our partners and our customers. Inclusiveness, because we want to bring everyone on our journey. Growth, because there's still so much to learn about coffee! And ownership, because we recognise the part we play in a big and vibrant world.

Better equipment and better techniques mean better coffee at home.

Visit our online store or check out our brew guides to help you prepare our coffee in all its glory.