Mon-Fri 7.00 am - 6.00pm

About Bank

Out with the old, in with the new (interior)!

You'll still find us behind the same glass door in the same side street, but when you enter through it, you'll walk into something better and brighter.

After twenty-four iterations, we have finally decided on the winner.

Full of lovely details; the new look of Taylor St Bank has been hand crafted by our own Nathan Bell - from the unique floor to the custom made shelves. Apart from the eye candy, here's what's new:

- A take away section for those in need of a quick coffee fix

- A sit in section with table service (ideal for meetings, hint - hint). Here you can drink from real cups and explore our fabulous new food menu, which includes sous vide eggs, banana bread with home made 'nutella' and many other yummy gems! Download the full menu on the right side of this page -> 

- A brew bar dedicated to hand brewed coffee to expand the horizons of the curious

We hope you'll feel at home,


the Taylor St team

e-mail us:

Head Barista: Marek
Manager: Fi


Around 40 seats of all different shapes & sizes.

Some bar stools at the brew bar.

WIFI: affirmative

This Week's Coffee Menu


Food Menu


Tools of the Trade

Machines  1 x Aurelia Nuova Simonelli 3 group
2x Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II T3 3 group
Grinders  2 x Mazzer Robur E
2 x Anfim Super Caimano w/ digital timers