Welcome to Taylor St Baristas!

The first time you have a really good coffee can be a bit of a curse. With one sip, your expectations are radically transformed. All other coffee is ruined for you. Coffee shops that used to prop up every corner of every city block soon reveal themselves to be mere pretenders: the blind serving the blind.  Purveyors of limp and burnt and watery coffee.  

With one sip, your coffee options dwindle to a precious few: a mere handful of skilled baristas capable of meeting your newly enlightened needs.

Yours is a wretched plight, indeed.   For those who inhabit this lonely world, we welcome you to our humble little corner of the web: a place where real coffee lovers can gather around and share and console and learn from each other.

Taylor St is an example of how consistently brilliant coffee can be served at high volumes without compromise. The almost geeky commitment to all aspects of the barista's art is evident in every cup TimeOut
Designed to be an unconventional and ever changing blend, Rogue's components are adjusted to incorporate some of the best seasonal lots, but is kept sweet and balanced in the roast and then consistently extracted by baristas throughout their cafes. The Independent Coffee Shop Book, London
I still believe that in order for you to serve the best you need to serve it with heart and that’s why for me, Taylor St Baristas is one of the best coffee shop experiences I’ve ever had. From Coffee With Love blog